A handy packing list for your ski- and snowboard trip

September 21, 2023

Planning your ski or snowboard trip is exciting. It makes you look forward to days of shredding down snow-covered slopes and cozy evenings by the fire. At the same time, the preparation for your snow trip can be quite stressful. Before you hit the slopes, you want to be sure you have brought everything you need to make the most out of your holiday. 

To make it easier for you, we have made a comprehensive ski trip packing list. Our tips ensure you pack efficiently, stay warm and dry, and make the most of your alpine escape. Whether you're a seasoned snow enthusiast or a first-time skier, this packing list will help you streamline your packing process, so you can focus on carving your way through winter wonderland.

A handy packing list for your ski- and snowboard trip

1. Documents and money

Travel documents and money are the first things you need to pack for your trip. Without the right documents, you won’t even be able to reach your destination and accommodation. And without money, it’s hard to enjoy your holiday. The necessities include:

  • • Passport/ID card 
  • • Healthcare card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card)
  • • Travel insurance card 
  • • Debit/credit card 
  • • Cash from the country you are travelling to
  • • Receipts of your reservations

If you’re travelling by car:

  • • Drivers license 
  • • Car registration certificate 
  • • Green card 

If you’re travelling in a different way:

  • • Tickets for the plane, bus or train

2. Skis and snowboards

What is a ski or snowboard trip without good skis and snowboards? Of course you can bring your own gear to your snow destination. Buying or renting your snow equipment in your own residence is often less expensive than arranging it at the spot. On the other hand, bringing your gear to your destination by car or airplane can be quite a hassle. 

Whatever option you choose, it’s always a good idea to bring some tools to adjust and maintain your snow sticks, including:

  • • Edge file
  • • Wax 
  • • Iron 
  • • Cork 
  • • Scraper
  • • Screwdriver

3. Snow wear

To stay warm, dry and comfortable on the mountain, you need the right clothes and accessories. Ideally, your outfit should consist of three layers: a moist-wicking base layer, a heat-trapping mid layer and a waterproof and breathable outer layer.

Base layer: 

  • • Thermal longsleeve
  • • Thermal legging
  • • Ski socks

Mid layer:

Outer layer: 

4. Snow accessories

Apart from good ski and snowboard clothing, you need added snow accessories for warmth and protection. Think of:

5. Backcountry essentials (optional)

If you’re planning to explore the backcountry, you need to bring extra equipment to stay safe and ascend to the top. Essentials for backcountry skiing and backcountry snowboarding include:

6. Off-mountain stuff

Of course, you don’t spend your entire ski vacation in the snow. And for those off-snow moments, you also want to bring the right things to stay comfortable and entertained – especially if you’re planning a family ski trip. Don’t forget:

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