Everything you need to know about Polartec

November 24, 2023
Polartec is a leading producer of performance-oriented outdoor fabrics. The company invented modern synthetic fleece in 1981 and is still best known for its high quality fleece fabrics. Today, it offers more than 300 different fabrics to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions. Besides that, Polartec is a forerunner in incorporating recycled materials into their fabrics. O’Neill partners with Polartec to incorporate Polartec fleece and other fabrics into their premium fleece jackets, vests and other performance snow wear. 
Everything you need to know about Polartec

What is Polartec fleece?

Polartec fleece, also known as Polar fleece, is a knitted, napped fabric made from polyester. The fabric is soft, lightweight, insulating and hydrophobic, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor clothing. Our insulating and breathable fleece vests made from Polartec make for an ideal mid-layer in your layering system. The high quality fleece fabric is pill-resistant and highly durable, so you can enjoy your fleece wear for a longer time than fleece made by competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Polartec

What is Polartec fleece made of?

Polartec fleece is made from premium polyester yarns. This allows moisture to escape and makes the fabric quick-drying. Today, Polartec fleece is primarily made from recycled materials, including recycled PET bottles and recycled fleece fabrics.

How is Polartec fleece made?

First, the fabric is knitted. Then, it undergoes a series of surface-finishing techniques to transform it into a soft, furry material that traps body heat and allows moisture to evaporate.

Is Polartec fleece warm?

Polartec is developed to be warm (and stay dry). Lofted structures that create thermal air pockets retain body warmth. The fabric is available in different weights: 100, 200 and 300 grams per square meter. Not surprisingly, the heavier the fabric, the warmer your garment will be.

Is Polartec waterproof?

Polartec has introduced a series of technologies to block out water, but regular Polartec fleece isn’t waterproof. It is however highly breathable and quick-drying. Because fleece is mostly worn as a warm mid-layer, it doesn’t really matter that it isn’t waterproof. Just combine it with a wind and waterproof outer layer. For good outer layers, have a look at our ski and snowboard jackets.

Can I wash Polartec in the washing machine?

Yes, Polartec fleece can be washed in the washing machine. Most pieces can be tumble dried on a low temperature. Always read the care instructions to find out how you can care for your garment in the best possible way.

Is Polartec environmentally friendly?

Polartec has taken some serious steps to reduce its impact on the environment. It was the first manufacturer to bring a recycled fleece to market in the early 1990s. Today, Polartec aims to exclusively use fully recycled raw materials, and make their fabrics fully recyclable. Most Polartec fleece garments in the O’Neill range are already made from 100% recycled polyester. On top of that, Polartec is working on making its fabrics biodegradable.

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