Wetsuits for women 2mm thick

Womens 2mm thick wetsuits

Discover the perfect wetsuits for adventures in warm water with the O'Neill Women's 2/2mm Wetsuit. These wetsuits are specially designed to keep you comfortable in higher temperatures, allowing you to fully enjoy your surfing or diving sessions. With a 2mm thickness, these wetsuits provide the ideal balance between flexibility and protection, allowing you to move freely without sacrificing warmth.

Ideal for temperatures between 18-20 degrees Celsius

Spring wetsuits for women

The spring wetsuit design by O'Neill offers extra protection and functionality. Thanks to the short sleeves and legs, you can move easily and enjoy the freedom that summer conditions provide. This wetsuit is perfect for surfers and water sports enthusiasts who need added flexibility in their movements. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that this wetsuit is durable and can withstand the challenges of the water.

For various watersports activities

Whether you're surfing or paddleboarding , the O'Neill Women's 2/2mm Wetsuits are a reliable choice. The 2mm thickness provides the right protection against the elements while allowing you to move freely. The wetsuit is designed with attention to detail, offering maximum comfort and flexibility, so you can enjoy your water activities without distractions. Choose quality and style with this high-quality wetsuit from O'Neill.

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