Wetsuits for men 3/2mm thick

Men's wetsuits for temperatures between 12℃ and 17℃

Discover the perfect combination of comfort and protection with O'Neill men's 3/2mm wetsuits. These wetsuits are ideal for spring and summer conditions, offering optimal performance in water temperatures ranging from 12℃ to 17℃. With the right gear, you can fully enjoy your favorite water sports, and O'Neill's 3/2mm wetsuits are the ideal choice.

Men's 3/2mm wetsuits with flexibility and comfort

These men's wetsuits are crafted with high-quality neoprene, providing excellent flexibility and thermal insulation. With a thickness of 3/2mm, they offer the perfect balance between warmth and freedom of movement. Whether you're surfing, wakeboarding, or paddleboarding, these wetsuits are designed to keep you comfortable and protected, even in changing weather conditions.

Spring & summer wetsuits for men

With O'Neill's 3/2mm men's wetsuits, you're ready for the spring and summer waters. These wetsuits combine durable materials with thoughtful design elements, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting quality. O'Neill offers a wide range of styles and fits, allowing you to find the perfect wetsuit that suits your needs. Choose comfort, flexibility, and protection, choose O'Neill's 3/2mm men's wetsuits.

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