Born in Belgium and raised in Tarifa, Spain, Jerome was first introduced to kiting by his father, a passionate windsurfer/kiteboarder when he was eight years old. Growing up as your typical surf kid completely obsessed with surfing, it took his father some time to convince Jerome to pick up kiting, something he would keep doing for almost two years until Jerome finally did his first 200m on a kite. From that day on, the whole world changed for Jerome, he was completely hooked the roles had changed, he was now the one pushing his dad to go kite 24/7!

Drawing inspiration from the ocean and its unlimited possibilities, Jerome is always chasing the next adrenaline kick to try something new. This has led him to try his hand at a wide variety of watersports, from wing foiling, kit surfing, surfing and kiteboarding to name a few. His passion for the ocean also extends to the ocean's inhabitants, and you can often find him diving with the whales in his home of Tarifa.

“Being fully vulnerable to nature is a feeling that gives me too much joy.”

“Being fully vulnerable to nature is a feeling that gives me too much joy.”


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