Discover the best surfing spots for beginners in Europe

April 21, 2023
If you live in Europe and you just started surfing, you don’t need to travel to the other end of the world to surf great waves. There are plenty of good spots to find here! This is our overview of the best places to surf for beginners in Europe.
Discover the best surfing spots for beginners in Europe

Best places to surf in Portugal for beginners

Portugal is known for big wave spots like Nazaré, but also offers friendly waves for beginners and intermediates.

Peniche - Baleal

Just 50 kilometres south of Nazaré, the big wave capital of the world, lies Peniche. Besides the barreling waves of Supertubos, Peniche is great for beginning and intermediate surfers as well. Baleal, for example, is a relaxed break just outside of Peniche that consistently delivers great waves.

Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica in the southern Lisbon area offers small and consistent waves, which makes it a great spot to practise.

Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos, located within the city of Lisbon, is another popular spot for beginners. The waves are consistent, and there are plenty of surf schools and rental shops in the area.

Praia da Rocha

Located in the Algarve region, Praia da Rocha is a great spot for beginners due to its sandy bottom and gentle waves. There are also surf schools where you can take lessons or rent equipment.

Best surf spots in France for beginners

France is home to some of Europe’s best surf spots and is a paradise for beginning surfers.


In and around the legendary surf town of Biarritz, which is said to be the cradle of European surfing, there are plenty of spots with different kinds of breaks that are great for beginning surfers. Anglet is a nice beach break with waves for surfers of all skill levels.

Hendaye is located in a bay and offers shelter on heavy days, making it a great place to learn how to surf. Biarritz Grande Plage, with its long peeling waves, is renowned as one of the best longboard waves in Europe.


Lacanau is a small beach town located in the Aquitaine region of France. It has a long stretch of beach with consistent waves that are ideal for beginners. The town is also home to many surf schools and surf shops.

La Torche

More northward in France, you will also find excellent surf spots to learn surfing. Located on the southern coast of Brittany, La Torche is a beginner-friendly spot with a long stretch of beach that delivers consistent waves throughout the whole year.


Another popular surfing spot in Brittany is Plouharnel. The town is known for its long and wide beach that provides perfect conditions for surfers of all skill levels. The waves here can get quite big, so check the conditions before heading out.


Etretat in Normandy is known for its beautiful cliffs and is a great spot for surfers of all abilities.

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Where to surf in Spain as a beginner?

When you’re talking about the best surf spots in Europe, you can’t get around Spain.


Zarautz, located between San Sebastian and Bilbao, is a great beginner-friendly spot in the north of Spain. Zarautz Beach has a long stretch of sand and produces waves that are perfect for beginners.

Rodiles Beach

Rodiles Beach is located in Asturias and is known for its long, slow-breaking waves that are ideal for novice surfers. The beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers a great atmosphere.


Located in Cantabria, Somo Beach is another great spot for beginners. It has a sandy bottom and gentle waves that are perfect for learning the basics. The beach is also popular for its surf schools and equipment rentals.

Conil de la Frontera

This beach is located in Andalusia and is a nice spot for beginners due to its sandy bottom and friendly waves. The beach is surrounded by picturesque cliffs, which contributes to the great atmosphere in the water.

Best mediterranean surf destinations

The Mediterranean has some great surfing locations and has relatively warm water. This contributes to the relaxed surfing atmosphere.

Porto Pollo - Italy

Porto Pollo on the Italian island of Sardinia is one of the most popular spots in the Mediterranean, due to its consistent waves and beautiful scenery.

Santa Teresa - Italy

Another great spot in Sardinia is Santa Teresa. This spot offers a variety of waves and is a popular spot for surfers of all ability levels.

Vouliagmeni - Greece

In Greece, Vouliagmeni is a great spot for beginning surfers as it offers small to medium-sized waves and has a sandy bottom.

Lefkada- Greece

This island located in the Ionian Sea, is the home of great surf spots like Vasiliki and Milos Beach.

Best places to surf in the UK and Ireland for beginners

If you’re not afraid of cold water, you can also find great places to surf in the UK and Ireland. Restbay in Wales is one of the best surf spots for beginners, with long left and right-handers that can run for as long as 100 metres.

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Iceland: the coldwater surf destination in Europe

If you can handle even colder water, Iceland is one of the most beautiful surf destinations in Europe. It offers breathtaking views, great waves and an allrond feel of adventure. The Reykjanes peninsula is one of the best spots on the island. The waves near the cliffs are more suited for experienced surfers, but there are also breaks for beginners, such as the volcanic beach of Sandvík.


Europe offers great surf spots for beginning surfers. The spots are often located in the vicinity of well-known spots for advanced surfers. If you are looking to surf bigger waves, you can check our list of best surf destinations in Europe for advanced surfers.


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